About Us

Our History

SolarPlus Yorkshire is a trusted company located in Boroughbridge specializing in renewable energy and energy conservation. It was founded by Mark Houldsworth, an electronics engineer with over twenty years experience as the MD of Cobra Electrical. Encouraged by his brother, an environmental scientist, Mark trained in renewable energy technologies at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales in 2007 and went on to establish a solar panels installation company (Solar Panels 4U) in 2007 – long before the feed-in-tariff was introduced. Since then the company has diversified into


Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the company remains the same:

To thoroughly research alternative technologies before marketing them in order to bring the best possible value for money and the most efficient and reliable products to the consumer.

To use only the company’s own highly trained staff and to put quality and care before rapid growth.

More Green Technologies

As well as installing industrial, commercial and residential solar panelsheat pumps and solar thermal systems, SolarPlus Yorkshire also offers the following green technologies:

  • Solar Edge Optimisers – Optimising the efficiency of every PV (photovoltaic) panel installed and helping to minimize the effects of shading on a PV system. Also giving the option to monitor each PV panel output individually and remotely via a router through to a computer, tablet or phone. www.solaredge.com
  • Enphase Micro-Inverters – Helping to minimize the effects on shading on a PV system and also giving the option to monitor each PV panel output individually and remotely via a router through to a computer, tablet or phone. www.enphase.com/uk
  • Apex Voltage Optimisers www.apexVO.co.uk
  • Geo Display Monitoring Devices, which can be used to show what energy is produced by the solar panels (PV) system, what energy is being consumed at home, or both. www.greenenergyoptions.co.uk
  • iBoost – Wireless Automatic Solar Hot Water Immersion Heaters www.marlec.co.uk
  • immerSUN – Automatic Solar Hot Water Immersion Heater www.immersun.co.uk
  • Wattson Display Devices www.energeno.com
  • Owl Knight Energy recording devices
  • Honeywell Evo Home System. A clever technology that can be added to a household or small business that can enable remote control via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to control your heating or hot water system. We are accredited Honeywell installers to supply and install this technology.
  • We can also offer customers the design, supply and installation of Underfloor Heating, and for building projects or self-builds we can offer design and supply only.
  • Internal or External Wall Insulation. We are Green Deal accredited installers to supply and install retrospectively this technology that can reduce your heating costs by up to 45%.
  • Green-Deal Accredited installers for New and Replacement Boilers.
  • Can provide Loft Insulation where the addition or replacement materials are required. This can further reduce your energy costs.